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  • Intelligent Mobile
    Robot Solutions

    A versatile and extensible solution

    for intelligent mobile robot to build your own

    mobile applications

    Intelligent Mobile Robot Solutions

    The magic of our robots’ intelligence lies within a versatile and extensible solution for fast design and building of intelligent mobile robots for various application. With our help, you can also easily build your own mobile robots for your own robot business. Integrated with our leading-class SLAM and navigation algorithms and software toolbox, the navigation module can adapted to various sorts of chassis and applications

    • Advance natural navigation engine

      Advance natural navigation

    • Accelerated development
      platform of robot

      Accelerated development
      platform of robot

    • Fleet management system

      Fleet management system

    • Teaching And Programming Software

      Teaching And Programming

  • Indoor autonomous mobile
    robot platform

    Industry-class products featured with LiDAR

    based SLAM technology

    Indoor autonomous mobile robot platform

    Targeting at indoor logistics for warehouses and factory plants, our indoor autonomous mobile platform plays different roles for our customers but with the same high standard of accuracy, flexibility and efficiency. With enriched API and interfaces, customers can combine various applications with our mobile platform to achieve a higher level automation.

    • Reliable


    • Configurable


    • Efficient


    • Connected


    Platform support

  • Outdoor autonomous mobile
    robot platform

    World-leading outdoor autonomous logistics

    solution with advancing sensory and navigation


    Outdoor autonomous mobile robot platform

    Aiming at large-scale long-term outdoor scenario, our outdoor mobile robot platform is capable of self-localization and navigation using 3D SLAM technology. Different from existing competitors who mainly use GPS as the absolute position reference, our solution provides more robust and reliable navigation results in human-habitat environment, thus making outdoor self-driving vehicle one step closer to real life.

    • Large Scale Mapping

      Large Scale Mapping

    • No Infrastructure Required

      No Infrastructure Required

    • Human and vehicle friendly

      Human and vehicle friendly

    • Unstructured-road Ready

      Unstructured-road Ready

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