Technical specifications
Navigating method 3D LiDAR SLAM + vision
Stop accuracy ±2cm (note: on the basis of SICK LMS111-10100)
Maximum Map Size ≥40,000㎡
Obstacle Detection Sensor Supported ultrasonic distance sensor (16 channel), infrared range sensor(16 channel), bumper sensor(6 channel), etc.
Power management Support battery status monitoring and power managerment.


  • Product advantages

    Integration: ANNE integrates general hardware communication interface and drivers as well as software APIs for the need of extension, providing an easy solution for mobile application development.

  • State-of-the-art

    The industry-leading SLAM algorithm we developed is highly reliable, efficient and robust, tested and proven by miscellaneous industrial application case. Numerous mobile robot equipped with ANNE have been deployed on site for long term use, faithfully fulfilling their job day and night.

  • Configurable

    With general electrical and software interfaces available for further development, customers can easily develop and construct various accessories to cover even more application scenarios.