Technical specifications
Navigating method LiDAR SLAM + Vision + IMU
Dimensions 1000*750*350mm(L*W*H)
Maximum Payload 600Kg
Charging time/Running time 2.5h/≥8h
Maximum map size ≥1000000㎡
Stop accuracy ±2mm/0.2°
Positional accuracy ±1cm/1°
Max Speed 0~1.2 m/s
Turning radius 612mm
Traversable path width ≥1150mm/1450mm
Safety protection Safety laser protection+Anti-collision bar+audible and visual alarm


  • Proven Success

    Our leading navigation solution have been verified and tested by various cases for different clients for its long-lasting stability and robustness in dynamic environment.

  • Safe

    Featured with 360 degree full cover LiDAR, obstacle avoidance function and bumpers, our products ensures your workers’ safety with top priority.

  • Agile

    No need for infrastructure and friendly to your dynamic working environment.

  • Smart

    Powerful fleet management system that can support massive robots cooperation and can be intergrated with your existing WMS/MES/ERP

  • Extensible

    Easy to customize to suit your very special need.

Intelligent scheduling

The powerful and elegant fleet control software Cloudia will help multiple robots work in a more efficient and collaborative way. With the advanced scheduling and planning algorithms, the system will assign different jobs to the right agent at the right time, minimize the idle time for each and every equipment of your warehouse/factory and save the overall logistics cost. Cloudia can also easily integrated with an existing Warehouse Management System(WMS), Manufacturing Execution System(MES) or Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) for further automation so that all the tasks and movements can be organized as a whole to gain further efficiencies.

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Application fields

Automobile Manufacture, Computer Manufacture, Communication Electronics Manufacture, Consumer Electronics Manufacture, Semiconductor Manufacture, Medicine, Electric Power Equipment Manufacture, Process Industry, Logistics, E-commerce, Furniture Manufacture, Retail and Supply Chain, Tobacco Manufacture, etc.