The software and hardware we provide can enable robot to navigate autonomously in various environment and terrains. Providing functions including global/local positioning and maneuver, LiDAR based position servo, Vision based position servo, obstacle avoidance and visualized programming interface, our solution make robot more easy to use, faster to deploy for different jobs. The powerful fleet management system can schedule multiple robot to run with high-efficiency, and connect to client’ WMS/MES/ERP system to automate the overall application process.


indoor and outdoor intelligent mobile robots

Robots that applicable to indoor and outdoor applications such as outdoor autonomous unmanned delivery vehicle, industrial AGV, tour-inspection robot, unmanned vending machine and unmanned forklift, etc.


Fit for dynamic environment

  • 2D and 3D LiDAR ready

    Support 2D and 3D LiDAR, visual and other sensors as well as different navigation algorithms including SLAM, line-following, QR-code navigation, etc.

  • On-road and off-road

    Robot can transverse both on the road and off the road, on flat ground or on slope, even in multi-layer buildings.

  • Support various chassis

    Support the motion planning of automobile chassis (Ackermann steering), differential steering chassis, and omni-directional steering chassis.

  • Accuracy on demand

    While robot is navigating in standard configuration, the stop accuracy can be as small as 2cm or 1.5 degrees.
    In docking mode and with the help of extra docker, the dock accuracy can be less than 2mm or 0.2 degree.

  • Elegant trajectory control

    Our navigation algorithm ensures smooth acceleration and deceleration during the robot’s operation to minimize the impact on the cargo, preserving longer motor life and reduce possible damage to the robot.

  • No infrastructure required

    dapted to the environment with trees and high-rise buildings, adapted to the environment with human and vehicles crowded together. The core algorithm of module is completely independent of any infrastructure (DGPS, inertial navigation of high-cost combination, road and lane system, etc.), but it is convenient for overlapping, leading to further improvement in performance.
    With our natural feature driven SLAM algorithm, no infrastructure (DGPS or other positioning system) is necessary for robot’s deployment.


Mapping and navigation is always easy with iplus tech.

  • Large-scale high-precision mapping

    Support the map building of over 200,000 square meters, covering the majority of working scenarios of mobile robot.

  • Real-time positioning algorithm for dynamic environment

    With our navigation algorithms, the dynamics in environment will be learned and preserved as knowledge for robot’s future use, thus ensure the stability and reliability of our robot.

  • LiDAR + X SLAM and multi-sensor fusion

    ased on the cutting-edge techniques of LiDAR + X(vision, QR code, IMU, ultrasound, millimeter-wave radar, infrared, RFID, magnetic stripe, magnetic track, magnetic nail, etc.) hybrid navigation technology, robot can easily locate its self with respect to the environment anytime anywhere.

  • Deep learning on navigation

    Using iterative self-learning techniques, our products can accumulate information about the feasible region and route on the map.

  • Safety comes first

    Obstacle detection and avoidance for human-machine sharable environment.

  • Multi-robot scheduling management

    The powerful scheduling system is able to assign tasks to multiple robots to optimize the overall performance of the whole system. Integration with an existing Warehouse Management System(WMS), Manufacturing Execution System(MES) or Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) for further automation is also possible so that all the tasks and movements can be organized as a whole to gain further efficiencies.


Convenient access to a variety of business requirements of users

Combining our navigation and SLAM algorithm along with the latest and most powerful hardware configuration, we proudly present ANNE, the very best choice for autonomous mobility solution. Playing the role as the brain of a mobile robot, ANNE provides you with the best algorithm and tool chain to implement autonomous mobile application with various interfaces for extension. By configuring the proper hardware for actuators and sensors, you can easily setup your own robot configuration and implement your own autonomous mobile robot.